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Hello, hyip investors. Two hours ago, a newsletter was published from BillionairesGroup. It is about transaction code. Let’s read the original content first below:

Greetings Billionaires,

We are currently stressing much on your account security because we noticed spammers online who are trying every thing beyond possibility to steal from online investors and we don’t want our members to be victims of this act of wickedness from some unknown hackers online.

In view of this concern , we have activated extra security in members account and will want members to follow the below steps to activate a transaction code in their account.

Kindly apply the steps below.

1. Log into your Billionaires Group account.
2. Click on modify account tab
3. On the form, locate New transactional Code and enter a code not less than seven (7) Characters. ( keep code safely )
4. Retype your transactional Code in the next row
5. Finally click on change account data at the buttom of the form.

Kindly note that this transactional code will be needed any time you are requesting a withdrawal and changing account data.

Please don’t ignore these steps as it is very important to the security of your account.

Contact support if you need assistant.

Thank you

If you are an old player in hyip market, I think you are familiar with the word of transaction code, it is what you need each time you withdraw your profit in your account. So that even if your password was stolen, your profit can’t be stolen, I think this is important for hyip programs. So log into your account of Billionairsgroup and set up a unique transaction code to keep your money safe. Good luck to you and good luck to the admin.

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