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After several hours of offline, now Billionairesgroup is online again. This is the newsletter from the admin:

Dear Billionaires.

We hope all of you are in a state of non panic now.

First and Foremost , we will like to tender our heartfelt gratitude for the massive support you rendered us during our 24 hours of coming up with a new face which interrupted access to your back office.

You have shown a true act of Billionaire ship and we really are broken and appreciate that.

We are glad to say that the phase one of the modification has been completed successfully and members can now proceed with withdrawals and deposit as usual.

The new design has addressed the minor login problems that our valued members were encountering.

We will also entreat you to ensure that all information about your account is correct, you can change password if you wish.

We are now back to normal and watch out for Phase two which will not interrupt your access to the website and back office.

That is all for now, we will update you again with the Phase 2.

Thank you

Billionaires Finance

This time, it changed their template to some extent, more beautiful now. As for the functions they had before have not be changed, so you can still navigate easily. But the difference is that SSL function was removed from their server. So you should type “http”, not “https”, to visit their site. But I believe that the SSL will be installed on their server sooner or later.

As for the investment plans, it didn’t change, just the same as former plans, offer 2%-4% per business day for 120 trading days. The withdrawal was not instant, but very fast, usually within 5 hours. Half an hour ago, I withdrew 6 dollars and it was processed within half an hour.

If you want to join, but have something questions, then you can chat with the admin through the online box on their website or just sent me emails.

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