RFIGRP introduction

Hello , dear investors . Hope you have a nice weekend . Today I will introduce a potential program to you . That  is RFIGRP .In fact , I joined this program almost two month ago . Now let me introduce it in details .


First : Investment plans .

There are five investment plans in total . Three of them are long-term plans and two of them are short-term plans .

With the first long-term plan , you can invest 10-1999 dollars , and you will get 1% per day for 100 business days ; With the second long-term plan , you can invest 2000-9999 dollars , and you will get 1.6% per day for 130 business days ; With the third long-term plan , you can invest 10000-500000 dollars , and you will get 2% per day for 150 business days . Their daily net profit is respective 0.71% , 1.14% , 1.43% . And your principal will be back in the end .

With the first short-term plan , you can invest 10-999 dollars , the daily net profit fluctuate between 0.6% and 1% ; With the second short-term plan , you can invest 1000-10000 dollars , the daily net profit fluctuate between 1.3% and 1.6% . You can withdraw all your principal and profit just the next day . But you should remember that when you withdraw your money , LR will charge you 1% for brokerage . So if you want to get profit , at least compounding for two days . 

Second : Withdraw type

Time depends on the amount you withdraw . According to my former research , if the amount is more or less 100 dollars , then it is instant withdrawals always , if more than this amount , it will take 4 to 12 hours to be completed .

Third : Referral commission

There are three levels . First level is 7% from your downlines , second level is 2% from your downlines , third level is 1% from your downlines . But there is no referral commission in the short-term plans . Because some people just refer himself and invest one day to get the referral commission , so this referral commission was cancelled two weeks ago .

Fourth : Script and security

Rfigrp runs off a unique and customized script which you might have never seen  in this industry . And it is SSL secured by COMODO for 5 years .

Fifth : Website

As Rfigrp is heavy on graphics , so it is slow when you open it up , just be patient . The website is designed quite professionally . By the way , it supports eight languages , so you can choose your favorite on the left top box .

Sixth : Payment options

You can invest through Liberty Reserve , Perfect Money and Bank Wire . The last one was just added a few days ago .

These are what I want to tell you . For my part , I think it will be another best hyip program in the future and leaves a very good impression on me . But still don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose , for all investment programs have a risk . If you want , just choose it as one of the ways to diversify your risk .

I have made much communication with the admin through emails , and he told me their plans in the future , just look at his reply below :

“We are not going to close any soon, as our development plan includes only growing till we reach the top of our management capabilities. After we reach it we will have to put a cap on overall amount of investments made by our clients, so our client’s capital will not compete with own company capital and we can continue working further for a long time. For now we don’t plan to make any restriction on amount investment made till 2014-2015. This will depend on markets behavior, and also on number of clients and amounts they invested. Clients who has joined earlier than others will certainly have their priority in future. As the matter of fact, even if we don’t have private investors at all, we still going to work develop, as we mostly rely on corporate clients and own capital, it will just slower our development a bit as our private client’s capital in possesion of company management for now consists of about 7,36% of total. We understand the fear of your downlines and our business also suffers greatly, especially private investment sector, because of scam and ponzi widely presented over internet wich are compromising the idea of online asset management. That is why the main course of our company for the nearest future is opening a network of offices all over the world. For now we are strengthening our presence in Europe and opening addidtional office in Sweden next week. And for now this is our priority one task and we put most of our efforts in it. After this will be finished we belive our next goal might be opening an office in South Africa, as we see great interest and demand of our services there. However we also have demand in Asian regions too especially India and China, so after we finish with the European region, decision on our next target for new office opening will be assumed and we begin make all nessary preparations, including development of advertizing materials and staff recruitment with the orientation and specificity of the particular region.

This is the brief glance on our current and near future intentions. We want neither you, nor anyone else in your country to get in trouble by trusting us their funds for management. Soon, we belive, you can be more prepared for work and will have much stronger arguments than just some words to convince people on our intentions, and our partnership with you will advance to the next level, as we will need active and abitious representatives to work in our African offices. And for now thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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