Pexpay is accepted at

Two hours ago, a newsletter was published from Invoil, it is about new payment gateway added on their website. Now, let’s look at the original content below:

Dear Members,

You are receiving this e-mail today because we have great news for you. On our website, you shall find another payment method added as another means of deposit. We have started to accept Pexpay today ( ) .

This is great news for those who already have accounts with them. You can start by adding your Pexpay account on your profile by editing your account. Just a reminder that we are giving you the ability to edit your payment processor accounts on your invoil profiles today until tomorrow ( for 48 hours only ) and after the time limit, we will be disabling processor account editing on your account again. In order then for you to add your pexpay account to your profile after that time, you will need to contact us and we will manually add the account to your profile.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )

It is really good news for investors who already have Pexpay with money in their accounts. As for the time limit to edit your payment processor, it is a good measure for members to keep money away from hackers I think. So investors, if you want to add PexPay to your account, just be quick. Good luck to you and good luck to the admin.

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