News from Samzooo

Hello, hyip investors. Samzooo is new brand hyip program and was added on my monitor just today. Several hours ago, it publish a newsletter, let’s read the original content below:

Hello , Dear User ! Here we are pleased to inform you that we are growing very rapidly on all monitors and getting amazing response. Some of our users advised us about increasing of daily plan % which is now 101% after 1 day, So please listen we have already added 80+ Monitors and this figure will be up to 125+ within 2,3 days and also we are going to get licensed from Gold Coders with high security.

So just give us a time of 5,6 days and our program will good enough stable in this time period and then we have plan to make it 105% after 1 day so please don’t loose your patience and try to understand why it’s important to have long run.We don’t want to close this program like others in 10 , 15 days we want to live in Market for at least 6 Months or more.

Hope you will understand and cooperate. Please promote this program and invest with us. Thank you

This newsletter is different from other hyips’. In the newsletter, the admin promised to be online for more than 6 months. In the past, there were actually some short-term hyips being online for several months, but most of them changed investment plans halfway because of the high return which they can’t afford. Of course, every hyip investor hope that the admin can achieve his goal of survival for more than 6 months. And just one hour ago, they created their banner for promoters, this is good for us and him, we can see he is trying his best to run a good hyip program, but you should have your own thoughts, you can have a try but never invest the money you can’t afford to lose. Let’s just wait that the admin can operate a good short-term program.

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