Hello, hyip investors. If you are a members of Billionaires Group, you will know that it faced with many difficulties and overcame all of them in the past few days. And today a newsletter was published again on their website about the recent issues, let’s now read their letter below:

Dear Members,

We still write to apologize to all members for all the the troubles that the hacker who got into the system has caused them with regards to logins and and frequent changes in payments processor details. For some few days now this is what we have been battling with in trying to find solution to curb the situation.

Though we were able to know the hackers behind the attack, who claim to be from the Cyber Defense testing their new applications on various financial institutions worldwide.

Despite the resolution with them, we still found it very vital to change the whole system to a more secured one, for the sake of the longevity of the programme and also to uphold the reputation we are trying so hard to build online.

As a committed financial service provider and a long term one for that matter, we are always taking steps ahead to make sure such issues do not send us to our early grave but instead battle it to make our valuable members the winners..

In the light of this , we are advising all members with immediate effect to log into their various account and make sure especially their email address is correct to enable us transfer the data to the new system immediately.. New passwords will be sent to all members email to access their account on the new system..

You have been very supportive at all time and need your cooperation on this matter too.

If you are having issue login into your account please use request password option , so you can cross check your email address.

Thank you

So you had better log into your account just as the admin said in the letter, to check your info of your back office, especially the email address and e-currency account details. Yesterday I made a withdrawal requests, but the money was sent back to my account balance today, I just remade a withdrawal again an hour ago, and the request was processed only within twenty minutes, so I can know that the admin really care about the security of their members’ money, I thank him. As a matter of fact, you must know it is not only Billionaires Group, but also Pureincome and Rfigrp met the problem of hackers’ attack, however, it doesn’t matter, as long as the admin can live through this period, I think he will meet the spring, good luck to you, admin, we support you on your way.

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