Invoil Accepts Bitcoin

Hello,all hyip investors. Several hours ago, a newsletter was published from Invoil, this is a long-term hyip program which has been already online for 26 days. The newsletter is about a payment option. Let’s read the news first:

Hello members,

We accept Bitcoin. But we process each deposit via bitcoin manually.

Please go to your deposit page and select Bitcoin on the processor list. You must manually transfer the funds to our bitcoin account written on the bitcoin deposit page. And we will verify the transfer quickly and then add your deposit in the spot dollar value of bitcoin.

We hope that this additional payment processor gives you more convenience in your investing experience with our company. Thank you.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )

I think every hyip member know the e-currency of Bitcoin. This is a relatively new e-currency, but been known by almost all online investors for its high profits in the past several years, one bitcoin is equal to 200 dollars now in financial market, and the first Bitcoin ATM has been on the market in Canada. Now some hyip sites also use it as one of their payment gateways. If you have one, then you can use it when depositing on Invoil.

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