fidelisfinance introduction

Hello, hyip investors. Three days ago, a long-term high yield investment program called Fidelisfinance was added to my listing. Now let me introduce it in details.

Fidelis Finance Limited

(1)Investment Plans:
Fidelisfinance only offer one investment plan. You can deposit from 5-20000 dollars and get 4% per calendar days for 50 calendar days, your initial investment will not be returned, so the daily net profit is 2%. This investment plan is easy to understand, so I won’t take an example. According to the daily net profit, it is not low, however, not too high, either. Maybe its lifespan will not be too long, but if joining earlier, I think you can at least get your principal back, but this is just my personal view, may be not absolutely accurate. So you should make your own decision, never invest the money you can’t afford to lose, since each investment program has a risk.

(2)Script and payment options:
It is customized script, not running under the popular licence providers’ script, such as Goldcoders, Shadowscript and so on. If this is just a pirate script, then it is very dangerous both for the admin and its investors. But if they make the script themselves, then it will be more safe even than Goldcoders I think, because there will be less back doors. As for the payment gateways, it accept the three most popular ones, namely PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, enough for most investors, franking speaking, just PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay will be enough, only few people use EgoPay for its high fees.

(3)Domain info and its security:
Its IP address is The domain was registered from 09 Jul 2013 to 09 Jul 2014. Fidelisfiance is hosted on the dedicated server from Staminus, although not high quality than Blacklotus, but enough secure and convenient for most hyip programs. You know the best is the most suitable one and not the most expensive one. Also, like most hyip programs, it is SSL encrypted by COMODO. So all your personal information and each transactions will be more safe with this secure measures. You know shared server is risky for each hyip site.

(4)Withdraw type and referral commission:
All your withdrawal requests will be processed manually within 24 hours, of course, most of them will be processed very fast, my first withdrawal request was processed only within 5 hours. As for referral commissions, there are two levels, you can get 8% referral commission from your first level of referrals each time they make a deposit, and you can also get 2% from your second level of referrals. Of course, to earn the referral commissions, there is no need for you to make a deposit.

(5)Other info:
When you go to their website, you wil find that the template of website is very simple and easy to navigate, no superfluous pictures or colors. And there is an online contact box on the right top side of the website, you can try to contact the admin when he is online. Of course, I should remind you that never believe the other info on each hyip website, such as real company and so on. Think carefully before investing.

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