Empfinance introduction

Hello, hyip investors. Yesterday, a high yield investment program called Empfinance was added to my monitor. I think this is a long-term hyip program, for its shortest investment cycle is 45 working days, namely one month and a half. But everyone has their own standards, so if you consider it to be a mid-term hyip, doesn’t matter. Now let me introduce it in details.

Empire Finance Group

(1)Investment Plans:
There are three investment plans for you to choose, they are called “The fast start program”, “The first capital program”, “Business program”. With “The fast start program”, you can invest ranging from 50-999 dollars and you will get 1.3% per day for 45 trading days, principal will be returned in the end, so your daily net profit is 0.93%; With “The first capital program”, you can invest ranging 1000-4999 dollars and you will get 1.5% per day for 80 business days, principal will be returned in the end, so your daily net profit is 1.07%; With the “Business program”, you can invest ranging from 5000-100000 dollars, and you will get 1.7% per day for 100 business days, also principal will be returned in the end, so your daily net profit is 1.21%. Compounding is not allowed and I think this is not bad, because as an investor, our first purpose is to get our principal back.

(2)Script and payment options:
Empfinance is running under a customized script, I think you can easily find that if you are a regular customer in high yield investment field. As for the payment options, there three ones which you are also familiar, namely PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. You can choose the suitable one as your payment options.

(3)Domain info and its security:
Its IP address is and the domain is registered from 2010-04-19 to 2018-04-19, totally eight years. Empfinance is hosted on a dedicated server from Cloudflare which is also one of the most popular hosting company located in England. It is also SSL encrypted by Geotrust for security of personal info. With these security measures, there will be little security threads about your info and their website.

(4)Withdraw type and referral commission:
According to FAQ part on their website, all your withdrawal requests will be processed within 12 business hours, but most withdrawal requests will be completed instantly, of course, just as what they claimed on their website, if there is any problem with their script or the payment options, then your withdrawal requests may be delayed up to 12 business hours. As for referral commissions, you can get 5% of their initial investments each time they make a deposit.

(5)Other info:
As for the website template, it is designed briefly and originally, also quite easy for you to navigate. If you are a excellent promoter, then you can apply for the representative and get up to 8% referral commissions from your first level referrals. Although Empfinance has survived more than three years and most people already trust him, but I still warn you that each investment industry has a risk, so you should know that how much you can afford to lose, how to diversify your risk so that to make money online.

These are just the basic info you should know about Empfinance, for more detailed data you could write an email to their workers through the contact page. By the way, you can also make a communication with them on the phone, when you open their website, just click the “call back” button on the lefeside and leave your phone number and the convenient time so that they will call you back later, but there is no place to fill in the desired language when they ring you back, I think they may make call back according to your IP address, they support three languages, English, Russian and Spanish, if you are interested, you can have a try.

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