DDos attack on server-RFIGRP

Hello, hyip investors. If you are already a member of RFIGRP, then you must know that their website can’t open during the past two days. Now the reason comes as below:

Dear customers,
We have fully recovered after massive DDoS attack. We have permanent DDoS protection however intruder abused a vulnerability that let him to avoid it. The vulnerability is now fixed, so he cannot abuse it again. Deposit cancellation for Index plans is closed for one week.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
RFI Group administration.

From the newsletter, we also know that if a user choose the investment package of Index plans, then you can’t withdraw your principal this week, I think that the group of RFIGRP will try their best to fix something of security in the following week, so they close such a function, just be patient and let’s wait. In the past days, it is always performing the best in high yield investment industry, I myself have faith in RFIGRP. Good luck to you and good luck to the admin.

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