Catenafinance introduction

Hello, hyip investors. Two months ago, a program called Catenafinance join in my monitor, this is a long-term high yield investment program. Several minutes ago, I delete it by mistake, now I will rewrite a review about it, now let me introduce in details.

(1)Investment Plans:
There are two plans for you to choose, they are daily plan and weekly plan, you can start with these two plans with only at least one dollar. With daily plan, you can get 2% per calendar day for 365 days, principal will be returned in the end, so your daily net profit is 2.75%; With the weekly plan, you get 11% weekly for 55 weeks, also your initial investment will be returned in the end, so your daily net profit is 1.57%. Like most long-term high yield investment programs, Catenafinance also allows compounding, you can choose any rate from 0% to 100%, but I recommend not to use the compounding rate, not only this program, but also other programs. Remember that as an investor, the most and first thing you should do is to get your principal back, then you have right to consider more profits, or else, you will be defeated by your greedy.

(2)Script and payment options:
Catenafinance is running under the licence of Goldcoders which is the most popular hyip script provider in this field. As for the payment options, you can choose from PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, I think they are enough for you. Because PerfectMoney has already taken up over 50% the market in hyip industry since the break down of Liberty Reserve.

(3)Domain info and its security:
It domain is registered from 2013-03-21 to 2014-03-21. IP address is It is hosted on a dedicated server from root SA which may be strange for you, but actually many high yield investment programs use its service, for example, you must hear about Mutual Wealth which was hosted on this server when it just started. Also, it is SSL encryted by GeoTrust. With these security measures, your personal info and transactions will be more safe.

(4)Withdraw type and referral commission:
According to FAQ section on their website, all your withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 business hours, namely 3 days, but all my withdrawal requests were processed within 6 hours in the past days. About the referral commission, there are three levels and you can get 5%, 3%, 2% from your first, second and third level of referrals respectively, totally can add up tp 10%, enough I think.

(5)Other info:
As for the template of the website, it is really brief but beautiful, no superfluous words or pictures, so it is easy for you to navigate. There is also a function called currency exchanger, but you can only exchange from PerfectMoney to SolidTrustPay and EgoPay to SolidTrustPay for free with the money in your account balance, I think it is convenient for some investors.

Those are all what I want to tell you about Catenafinance, and they are also the basic things you should know. For more information, you can communicate with the admin through emails on the contact page, but never trust that they are real company or something like this, because hyips are indeed hyips, let alone Catenafinance can provide you with such high daily net profit. So never invest the money you can’t afford to lose, maybe someone are already tired of this sentence, but I must say that I will say this piece of word in each review page in the future, it should be motto to every hyip investors, yes, every. Good luck you.

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