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Newsletters from some programs

A letter from Tetrafunds:
Dear Members,
We are in big trouble after LR shutdown. We are Bankrupted. Not only the member deposited money, we have lost over 10 times than the deposited money in LR.. Read more

BBC news about Liberty Reserve

Hello, hyip investors, after been closed for almost four days, now these is a piece of news from BBC about Liberty Reserve. Maybe there will be more detailed news just the next day, for the working day will begin tomorrow in USA. This is the news from BBC below: Read more

Latest news about Liberty Reserve

Hello, hyip investors. In the last article in FAQ category, I published a piece of news and a video about Liberty Reserve. But I think it is not enough, because so many hyip investors are paying attention to this, so I write another article about it, hope it will be useful to you. Read more

About Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve was down yesterday, and several hours ago, a piece of news and a video was published on the Internet about this. It says that the founder of Liberty Reserve was arrested due to illegal financial transactions. Read more

The important data about hyip programs has been underlined

Today, a PHO reader asked me to underlined the important data about program introducations on PHO blog. This is a good idea. Because then all the readers will recognize the key words about the hyip programs immediately. Read more

Scammers Record category added

Hello, readers. I thought about a problem asked by many friends before, and as a matter fact, I think many newbies may want to know such a question, that is “how long will a hyip program survive in general?” Read more

HYIP licence checker added

Hello, hyip investors. Although PHO monitor has just started for two weeks. But there are several readers often supporting my work. One of the friends asked me a question an hour ago and this is what I want. He wanted me to tell him how to check what licence is an hyip program using. Read more

About the time when adding new programs

A PHO reader asked me a question today. He wants to know when the new programs will be add to PHO monitor, because he saw that some programs were added just after two or more days after I invested myself. Thank you for your question and your attention on PHO sincerely. Read more