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Gulfinvclub-Weekly News Update

Second newsletter was published from Gulfinvclub a moment ago. This is the original content:

This is our 2nd weekly news update for our members to update them about our program. Before proceeding, we would like to inform that you can view the latest issue of the newsletter or see past issues by visiting the News Page on our website. Read more

New payment gateway on board-Pureincome

I think everyone knows a high yield investment program called Pureincome, for it has various investment plans, both long-term plans and short-term plans. But for my part, what impressed my most is that it changed all members’ money form LR to PM without any fee after the closure of Liberty Reserve. Read more

Latest news from catenafinance

Hello, dear hyip investors. Although long-term high yield investment programs are less than before these days, but there are still some one having good performance and catenafinance is one of them. Several minutes ago, the admin published a newsletter about the security of their members’ accounts. Let’s first read the original content below: Read more

Wishprofits referral commission changed

You know that short-term hyip programs are much more than long-term hyip programs, whether before the closure of LR or after. If you are good at choosing good short-term programs, then you can earn a huge profit. Read more

Say goodbye to Malaysian-inc

Nice to meet you here again, investors. Maybe it is a piece of sad news for some investors, but Malaysian has been away from some of us for sure, why some? But not all? Because it is selective payouts only for HYIP monitors and this is often the same actions when hyip programs broke down in the past. Read more

Latest news from CATENA

Hello, HYIP investors. A newsletter was published from CATENA a moment ago. The content is about which e-currency is better for investors to choose. Now let’s see the original text below: Read more

News from Rfigrp

Hello, hyip investors. If you are a regular of my blog, you may know the high yield investment program called Rfigrp. For more information, you may read its review. Today a piece of news was publish on their website, the content is as below: Read more

Two Newsletters from Pureincome

If you are an old player in hyip industry, I think you should hear about Pure Income. It leaves a good impression on me in the past. Almost all HYIPs broke down after the closure of Liberty Reserve. But Pure Income not only live through the disaster, but also it exchange all funds deposited through LR to Perfect Money without any fee. Today, I received two newsletters from Pure Income, let’s see them below: Read more

PHO monitor changed

Hello, nice to share my good news to you again. Today, my friend helped me change my monitor layout and there are “daily net profit”,”hosting company”,”script” and “withdrawal type” shown on the monitor page. Read more

News from PerfectMoney

Hello, hyip readers. From the former articles, we have known that Perfect Money is taking some actions to avoid the destiny like LibertyReserve, a week ago, it published news on its website, the text is showing below: Read more

News from Pureincome

Hello, hyip investors. It seems that Pureincome never wants to stop their steps towards development, especially after the closure of Liberty Reserve. As you can see yourself, the closure of LR has made so many programs died or passive because the deposit in LR can’t be withdrawn, Read more

News from Pureincome

Hello, hyip investors. Two hours ago, I received a newsletter from Pureincome. Now I share the content below with you: Read more

New tools added on PHO blog

Hello, hyip investors. In the last article, I published something about SSL certificates. And just now, a friend on facebook asked me how to verify what kind of SSL certificate is a website using. Read more

News from RFIGRP

Hello, hyip investors. Today, I receive a email from RFIGRP, and the content is below: Read more

News from Perfect Money

Hello, hyip investors. Today, Perfect Money published a piece of news on their website, this is the content blow:

Dear Customers,

In this news release, we would like to familiarize you with the recent upgrades we have made to the Perfect Money payment system. Read more

News from Secureasstes and Pureincome

Hello, hyip investors. Today, I received emails from Secure Assets and Pureincome and these are the contents below:

Newsletter from Secure Assets:
From today SecureAssets accept EgoPay. Also you can directly edit your EgoPay or PerfectMoney account number from edit profile section without waiting period. Read more

Official Newsletter from Pure Income

Hello, hyip investors. The closure of Liberty Reserve leads to many scams in hyip industry, but after this incident, we also see some good programs, Read more

News about Perfect Money

Hello, hyip investors. As we have all known that the closure of Liberty Reserve is really a big shock in hyip industry, forex and also online exchangers. We also know that Perfect Money has taken some actions after LR was down, in this article, I want to tell you the further news about Perfect Money. Read it below: Read more

Good news from RewardsWeekly

Hello, hyip investors. After Liberty Reserve broke down, many hyip programs disappeared. But also some programs promised to add the exchange function for investors who deposited through Liberty Reserve before. I just say the programs on my monitoring list, Read more

Latest news from Perfect Money

As we have all known, the founder and his coworkers of Liberty Reserve were arrested last week due to the USA government. So Perfect Money published a news not to accepts American customers since 2013 May 25th. And this is its new policy published below: Read more