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5DailyPro New Deposit Plan Piggy Bank Plan Added

From 5DailyPro’s lasted newsletter:

We would like to inform you that a new piggy bank plan has been launched which will offer you a interest rate of 1% to 3% daily . You can now withdraw your principle any time. You can also compound your interest in this plan and release your deposit anytime.

Thats all for now.

Have a nice day!

Best Regard
Joseph Lloyd

5DailyPro New Deposit Plan Activated


5DailyPro has now activated a new plan which will provide you a daily interest of 8% – 8.6% for 15 days. We will further explain this plan to you .

For the deposits between 50$ and 1499$ , 8% daily interest is added for 15 days which gives you a total return of 120% . Principle is included in your daily interest only.
For the deposits between 1500$ and 4999$ , 8.4% daily interest is added for 15 days which gives you a total return of 126% . Principle is included in your daily interest only.
For the deposits between 5000$ and 30000$ , 8.6% daily interest is added for 15 days which gives you a total return of 129% . Principle is included in your daily interest only.

That is all for now , Have a nice weekend .

Best Regards

Joseph Lloyd

WEBSITE INTERUPTION-Billionaires Group Finance

Hello, hyip investors. One hour ago, a newsletter was published from Billionaires Group. It is about the server to be exchanged, read the news here: Read more

About Pureincome and Billionairesgroup status

Hello, hyip investors. This morning I received an email from my readers. Thank you so much for your focus on my monitor and your trust. Read more – Bonus For SolidTrustPay deposits

Hello, hyip investors. A newsletter was published from Avanfund eight hours ago, this is a mid-term hyip program and has been online for 13 days. It is about the bonus from SolidTrustPay, now let’s read the news first: Read more

Invoil Accepts Bitcoin

Hello,all hyip investors. Several hours ago, a newsletter was published from Invoil, this is a long-term hyip program which has been already online for 26 days. The newsletter is about a payment option. Let’s read the news first:

Hello members,

We accept Bitcoin. But we process each deposit via bitcoin manually.

Please go to your deposit page and select Bitcoin on the processor list. You must manually transfer the funds to our bitcoin account written on the bitcoin deposit page. And we will verify the transfer quickly and then add your deposit in the spot dollar value of bitcoin.

We hope that this additional payment processor gives you more convenience in your investing experience with our company. Thank you.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )

I think every hyip member know the e-currency of Bitcoin. This is a relatively new e-currency, but been known by almost all online investors for its high profits in the past several years, one bitcoin is equal to 200 dollars now in financial market, and the first Bitcoin ATM has been on the market in Canada. Now some hyip sites also use it as one of their payment gateways. If you have one, then you can use it when depositing on Invoil.


Hello, hyip investors. If you are a members of Billionaires Group, you will know that it faced with many difficulties and overcame all of them in the past few days. And today a newsletter was published again on their website about the recent issues, let’s now read their letter below: Read more

IMPORTANT UPDATE-Billionaires Group Finance

Yesterday, a newsletter was publish from BillionairesGroup which has been successful online for already 90 days. Let’s read their newsletter first: Read more

Pexpay is accepted at

Two hours ago, a newsletter was published from Invoil, it is about new payment gateway added on their website. Now, let’s look at the original content below: Read more

Template was changed-Billionairesgroup

After several hours of offline, now Billionairesgroup is online again. This is the newsletter from the admin: Read more

We will soon accept Bitcoin-Invoil


Dear Members,

We want to notify everyone that we have received your requests for us to be able to accept Bitcoins. As you may know, we want to cater to all requests of our members and we want to inform you that we will soon be adding Bitcoin as another accepted E-currency.

Although Bitcoin’s spot market value is very volatile (as in changing every moment, sometimes by a huge amount difference) , we are working on trying to implement it on our program with convenience in mind.

We will update you once we are ready to start accepting bitcoins.

If you think we should start accepting bitcoins and converting the funds to another e-currency of your choice as a deposit on your account. Please get in touch with our customer support representatives and discuss with them.

Thank you and wishing everyone a blessed day.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )

DDos attack on server-RFIGRP

Hello, hyip investors. If you are already a member of RFIGRP, then you must know that their website can’t open during the past two days. Now the reason comes as below: Read more

Bonus notification from Samzooo

Just several minutes ago, a second newsletter was published from Samzooo. Just read it first: Read more

News from Samzooo

Hello, hyip investors. Samzooo is new brand hyip program and was added on my monitor just today. Several hours ago, it publish a newsletter, let’s read the original content below: Read more

Pureincome-No interests day

Hello, hyip investors. Pureincome has been one of the most stable hyip programs till now. Several hours ago, a newsletter was published from it and this is the original content below: Read more

Transaction code added-BillionairesGroup

Hello, hyip investors. Two hours ago, a newsletter was published from BillionairesGroup. It is about transaction code. Let’s read the original content first below: Read more

ACCOUNT SECURITY—billionairesgroup

Hello, hyip investors. Six hours ago, I received a letter from billionairesgroup, now let’s see the original content first: Read more


Several hours ago, an email from billionairesgroup was sent to my box. Let’s read the original content first: Read more

Gulf Inv Club || Weekly News Update No. 9

We are pleased to issue our 9th weekly news update for our members. In the past 65 days, Gulf Investment Club has seen tremendous growth for which we are thankful to our members, monitor’s admins, bloggers and other promoters. Read more


Hello, hyip investors. Last week, I went to travel to another city so that articles were not updated regularly, I am sorry for that. From today, I will publish new articles and newsletter from hyip industry as usual, so welcome to focus again. Read more