BTC-PM introduction

Don’t invest any more,lifespan is 6 days.

Hello, hyip investors. Today I will introduce a new high yield investment program called BTC-PM to you. This is a long-term hyip program and has just been online for 2 days up to now. Let me introduce it to you in details.

(1)Investment plans
There are three investment plans for you to choose, they are “Basic Plan”,”Standard Plan” and “Premium Plan”. With the “Basic Plan”, you can invest from 1$-100000$, and you will get 3% per calendar day for 90 days, so the daily net profit is 1.89%; With the “Standard Plan”, you can invest 1000-100000 dollars and you will get 4% daily for 60 calendar days, so the daily net profit is 2.33%; With the “Premium Plan”, you can invest from 10000-100000 dollars and you will get 5% daily for 30 calendar days, so the daily net profit is 1.67%. Compounding is not allowed in all these three plans. And your principal will not be returned in the end of investment.

(2)Script and payment options:
BTC-PM is running under a licence of Goldcoders which is widely used in hyip market, of course, it is also secure if you know how to keep your server from hackers. There are four payment options for you to choose, they are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, LiteCoin and NovaCoin.

(3)Domain info and its security:
The domain was registered from 2013-10-23 to 2014-10-23. IP location is Rostov-Rostov-na-donu-Ddos So you may know that the hosting provider is DDOS-GUARD. Of course, that is a dedicated server they use. Just like other hyip programs, BTC-PM also has an SSL certificate licensed from COMODO. So owning to the security measures above, your personal info and money will be more safe from hackers and other online thieves.

(4)Withdrawal type and referral commission:
Big withdrawal requests are processed manually after being checked and approved by our managers. Normally withdrawals PerfectMoney are processed Instantly or within 0-12 hours, but at times it may take up to 48 hours to process your withdrawals. When I withdraw my first profit, it is instant. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Novacoin normally withdrawals processed manually within 1-24 hours. As for referral commissions, you can get 5% from your first level downlines once they make a deposit.

(5)Other info:
Template of the website is built professionally and briefly, so it is easy for you to find anything there, quite easy to navigate. The most important thing is that there is a page about security on their website to tell you how to keep your money safe online, I think it will be useful for online investors and not only for newbies, because it tells us so much. If you are interested, you can spare some minutes to have a look.

These are the basic things you should know about BTC-PM. Just join earlier if you want to have a try and make an investment here, but never invest the money you can’t afford to lose. If you have further questions, you can contact me through my email or just contact the admin through their website. Good luck to you and good luck to the admin.

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