AvanFund.com – Bonus For SolidTrustPay deposits

Hello, hyip investors. A newsletter was published from Avanfund eight hours ago, this is a mid-term hyip program and has been online for 13 days. It is about the bonus from SolidTrustPay, now let’s read the news first:

Hello publichyiponline

This week we have added new bonus offer. Every deposit above 100$ will receive 10% back on your STP account.

If you deposit 100$ you will receive 10$ on your STP account as bonus within 12 hours.

Soon more bonuses and contests will be launched.

It is a piece of interesting news, anyone whose deposit is more than 100 dollars will receive another 10% back into their solidtrustpay account, it is a high return for us. So if you want to get that rewards, then deposit and contact the admin of Avanfund to get your 10% money back. But I have to remind you that won’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose, because high return is equal to high risk, so you must dare to bear it.

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