alfa-sg introduction

Hello, hyip investors. Two days ago, a high yield investment program called alfa-sg was added to my listing. This program not only offer mid-term plans, but also long-term plans. Now let me introduce it in details.


(1)Investment Plans:
There are three plans for you to choose, namely standard plan, professional plan and VIP plan. With the standard plan, you can invest 5-500 dollars, and you will get 1.4% daily for 30 days and principal will be back in the end, so the daily net profit is 1%; With the professional plan, you can invest 501-2000 dollars, and you will get 1.7% daily for 60 days, principal will be back in the end, so the daily net profit is 1.2%; With the VIP plan, you can invest 2001-50000 dollars, and you will get 2% daily for 120 days, principal will be back in the end, so the daily net profit is 1.43%. According these three plans and its daily net profit, the investor joining earlier may have a big opportunity to make profit if choosing standard and professional plans, but this is just my personal opinion and nobody can guarantee 100% safety, so don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose and think carefully before putting your money into any hyip program.

(2)Script and payment options:
Alfa-sg is running under the licence of Goldcoders which is very popular and secure in high yield investment fields, I think more than half hyip programs are using their services. As for payment gateways, there are three for you to choose, they are Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay, I think these are enough for most hyip investors.

(3)Domain info and its security:
Its IP address is and the domain is registered from 2013-05-29 to 2014-05-29. Also, Alfa-sg is hosted on a dedicated server from DDOS-GUARD, like most hyip programs, it is also SSL encrypted by COMODO, so these can keep your account info and each transaction more secure, or else the script will be more easily to be hack without them, especially the dedicated server.

(4)Withdraw type and referral commission:
All your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly. There are three kinds of referral commissions which depends on the amount of your downlines, if you refer 1-200 downlines, then you can earn a referral commission of 1% from them each time they make a deposit; if your referrals are more than 200, then you can get 3% from your 201-500 downlines; if your referral are more than 500, then you can get 5%. Of course, to earn such a commission, there is no need for you to make a deposit.

(5)Other info:
As for the template of website, it is not complicated, so will be easy to navigate, but not very beautifully designed. By the way, if your native language is not English, then you can choose your own language, it provides five types of languages, you can go to the website and have a look.

Well, these are the basic things you should know about Alfa-sg, for more detailed information, you can go to their website or write an email to him. There is no doubt that everyone wants to make money online, especially form high yield investment programs, because they often provide high profits, but you should also be cautious, never invest your daily life money. Everything has a process, meet more, learn more and analyse regularly, then you can take advantage of it and let it make money for you.

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