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Hello, hyip investors. Six hours ago, I received a letter from billionairesgroup, now let’s see the original content first:

Dear Members,

It is with great concern to us that all members keep their Billionaires Group account very secured.

We entreat members to always confirm their E-ccurency account details during withdrawal to ensure your funds are not deposited into the wrong account. Remember that hackers are always trying their possible best to steal from you whiles you try your best to make money.

If in any case you experience login problem, be ready to answer some few security questions for us to ensure you are the rightful owner of the account.

Kindly cooperate with us on this issue of security as we will not be held responsible for sending funds into wrong account..

We aim to serve you better but kindly assist us on the security of your own account.

Finally, we have added Western Union Withdrawal and Deposit Option for all members.

Kindly contact support or your representative if you need more information.

Thank you

Billionaires Group

From this letter there are mainly three things to inform you.
First:Look clearly at the e-currency account number when you withdraw each time.
Second:Be patient to answer some security question when you recovery your password.
Third:Western Union has been added as new deposit and payment options.

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