About Pureincome and Billionairesgroup status

Hello, hyip investors. This morning I received an email from my readers. Thank you so much for your focus on my monitor and your trust.

They asked me whether Pureincome and Billionairesgroup was paying. Because they saw several monitors show problem status about Pureincome and Billionaires Group. Now let me tell you what I know.

I am an active investor both in Pureincome and Billionaires Group. I don’t know how long they will continue being alive, but up to now, they have paid me and my referrals normally. As for the problem status on other monitors, they are showing fake status now. Some days ago, Billionaires Group updated their website for the reason of new template and security of members’ e-currencies, so they cancel investors’ withdrawal requests, but they disclaimed about this and let their members to withdraw again, after I remake withdrawal requests, they still paid me fast like before. Maybe this is the reason why some monitors are displaying problem or not paying status. About Pureincome, it also paid me normally, fast payment as before.

Again, I am not sure how long they will run, but up to now, they really pays their members. I write this article just to answer readers’ questions and by the way, clarify something for admins of Pureincome and Billionaires Group. Good luck to you all.

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